Real World, Meet Wheatley!

I think I was fairly naive about this move. I thought it would be like residence part deux, not that big of a deal. But as the week continues I have discovered that there’s a lot more to setting up a home.

Though I do have a back to school DIY planned (see you Monday!), and a few house crafts, I’ve yet to start them because it’s enough work just making this house liveable.

However, the house became a lot more homey yesterday when this little girl arrived.


Meet Wheatley! Though she is named after a (presumably?) male character from my favourite video game series (Portal) I’ve had the name in my head for too long to ignore.


Right now her full name is in the works, my housemates each get to add a middle name. Right now its Lady Wheatley Gwendolyn Jones of Herzberg Gardens.

Wheats, as I’ve come to call her is a young Mini Rex Rabbit, and she’s an absolute darling. I’ll know more about her once we go to the vet, but so far she seems healthy, happy and calm.

I don’t know if I’ve discussed this before on the blog, but I deal with a handful of anxiety disorders, OCD and Dermatillomania. Having Wheatley around for just 24 hours has dramatically improved my quality of life.

Caring for her distracts me from my anxieties, and petting her can bring me down from my most anxious states (as many studies will back up).

Not to mention she’s sweet and curious and really likes my Lilly Pultizer?


Preppy Bun, just like her Momma!

That’s about it for today folks. I’ve got a big audition to prep for, and some new recipes to try so I will see you all Friday!


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