Check In

It’s been a month!

I encourage all of you who placed bets on the success of failure of this blog to cash in now. Pretty soon people will stop thinking you’re actually serious.

A month ago I introduced myself and set a few goals with the promise to check in. Since then this blog has seen a total redesign, and you’ve watched me move, bring a bunny home and make a lot of stuff.

Now, let’s take a look. How have I done with the goals I set?

1. Start Following More Blogs

In the past month I’ve gone from reading about thirty blogs regularly to over forty. Most of these blogs were found through perusing comment sections and my own new followers. So let’s consider this one checked!

2. Comment on Posts

Yet another goal I can check off my list! I’ve exceeded my own expectations and now commenting on at least three blogs in standard for my mornings. It’s lovely to feel part of a community and my heart does beat a little faster when I see all the referred hits.

3. Fall into a Schedule with Blogging

Um… Well? I’ve started to fall into a schedule, but this past month has been incredibly resistant to scheduling. However, I’ve met my own post quota, and I think it’s something I will achieve if I keep working at it.

4. Take More Pictures

Check! I haven’t reached the level of my summer photography, but I’m starting to think that had more to do with the summer. From blog, to “day in the life” type photos and a few art pieces for class, my camera is frequently in use and that makes me very happy.

This post was a great little pick me up, I’m feeling rather accomplished now!

Did you set any goals for September? How are they going?


2 responses to “Check In

  1. Hi! Great goals that you are achieving. I didn’t set any real goals, but have just begun blogging again after a long absence.
    Nice to meet you!

  2. You are certainty doing great! What good goals to set for yourself (I may steal some of these ideas) You are so inspirational and are definitely one of my favorite blogs to follow. Hands down.

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