Let’s Make A Thing Really Quickly – Oven Mitt Heating Pad

As fall continues to march on the temperature keeps dropping, and I turn into a shivery Victorian Orphan. Wheatley seems to be similar to her mum in that respect so the other day I whipped up these microwaveable heating pads.

IMG_8378 copy

These are cute, incredibly simple to make and can be used to soothe cramps, heat up beds or warm extremities in a snap!

You Will Need

IMG_8371 copy

One 900g bag of rice

IMG_8373 copy

An Oven Mitt


Fill the mitt with rice up to an inch below the opening at the wrist, finish off by stitching it closed. I used a catch stitch to close mine up.


To use your heating pad, throw it in the microwave in one minute “bursts” until you figure out how long it takes for it to heat up.

IMG_8376 copy

These projects are great, within minutes you have a physical, functional “thing” and a great sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy the toasty warmness!


2 responses to “Let’s Make A Thing Really Quickly – Oven Mitt Heating Pad

  1. That’s a great idea. We just found two kittens whose mother had been brutally killed by some crank and have a hard time keeping them comfortable and they were barely alive when we found them.

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