You’re Invited! Guest Writing on Cait and The Real World

1025534_290993594380773_53344125_o copy

Like this picture of a sparkler “light painting” some of the most beautiful things come from people working together. Not to mention that we seem to have the most fun making anything as a group. So that’s what this post is in a roundabout way about.

As I try to learn how to grow this blogs audience, and move forward with my goals I continue to hear and read the word “networking”. This can be a very scary word for those of us who deal with social anxiety, introversion or general awkwardness, but it’s crucial to “moving up in the world”

So I’m sending out the call, Cait and The Real World is looking for guest writers. Can you teach us how to make a thing, or share your go to recipe? What about talking about your business, sharing tips for University, decorating, or keeping house plants alive?

Whatever it is, whether you’re a blogger or just someone who likes to share I would love to give you my blog as a platform.

So send me an email at and let’s talk!
Hope to hear from you soon!


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