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Quick Review, and How I Use My Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

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When I was in third grade, my school started giving us agendas in hopes to teach us lifelong organizational skills, improve parent/teacher communication and help keep us on track.

This early attempt at a life lesson instead taught me the value of faux panicked lying, mediocre forgery skills and instilled in me a belief that I was an organizational disaster.

We’ve established that I was a bit of a black and white thinker as a child, right?

It’s taken eleven years, but I now feel that I have excellent organization and time management skills. So this summer, I rewarded myself with a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda.

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Today I’m going to give a quick review of the agenda, show how I use mine and hopefully pass on some tips!

I have the “Large Sized” Agenda, and although it is pretty well sized (6 3/4″ x 8 7/8″.) I can tell you already that I’ll be investing in the Jumbo size next school year. The longer I have this planner the more I use it, and I’m starting to fill up the boxes on the daily.

Probably my favourite thing about this agenda is how it starts the year in August and runs into December of the next year. It’s perfect for students!

The agendas themselves are beautiful, filled with trademark Lilly patterns and bright colours. The paper is of a great quality and all the tabs are laminated to keep them in good condition.


I use my agenda for a number of things, keeping track of school work, barista work, blogging things, social activities and general things like grocery lists.

I like to keep my agenda extra pretty with a set of colourful gel pens and a pack of Lilly Pulitzer stickers which also serve as great reminders for things like papers being due, or even just to call back home.

At the beginning of each month, I sit down with my monthly calendar page and plan out everything I can. From birthdays, to film screenings and of course – blog posts, I set up as much of my month as possible.

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Other than that I update the book at the end of every class, or whenever something new comes up on my schedule. The trick to good agenda keeping is to update and check constantly. There’s little point in writing all these things down if you don’t bother to check up!

Well, I’m off to a long lecture, an appointment with an academic advisor, and a run to the kitchen supply store so I’ll talk with you soon!

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Do you use a day planner? What are your best organizational tips?


Let’s Make a Thing – Monogrammed, Printed Notebooks

Sometime this summer I sort of became obsessed with Monograms.  They just add this beautiful, personal touch which immediately make everything look incredibly luxurious.

This newfound love combined with my love of pretty school supplies and a University student’s budget created my latest DIY project.


I picked up some cheap notebooks from the Dollar store and after some extreme couponing at Michael’s (seriously, check their website before you go) which allowed me to create a collection of one of a kind notebooks for under thirty dollars.  However, if you’re a crafty type there’s a chance you have the supplies at home.

So let’s make a thing!


  1. Notebooks
  2. Scrapbooking Paper (two sheets per notebook)
  3. White Glue
  4. Varnish
  5. Stencils or Stickers
  6. Cardstock


The first thing I did was make my monograms. Using a teacup I traced out four circles on the cardstock, Then I cut them out and used a sparkly pen to fill in my stencils. I highly recommend using stencils over stickers, you can pick your own colour and use them again and again! I used this kit from Martha Stewart

IMG_8159 copy

Here’s the final product

IMG_8161 copy

Once the monograms are done you can start on the notebooks.


Apply a line of glue at the edge of the notebooks binding and place the scrapbooking sheet overtop of it. Then at a thin layer of glue overtop of the first layer and smooth.

IMG_8163 copy

Open your notebook and fold the excess onto the inner cover. Follow the same gluing strategy as you did when attaching the paper to the front of the notebook.

IMG_8166 copy

After this you can open your notebook halfway and rest it on your crafting table (or floor) and apply your first coat of gel medium and allow to dry.

IMG_8170 copy

The trick to durable notebooks is a bunny helper and many thin layers of protectant.

After your first layer of gel medium dries you can glue on your monogram and cover with another layer of gel medium.

Once that dries you can start applying layers of a matte varnish to seal it all in. I used three layers to finish it off, but in the end it’s your call.

Allow to dry overnight and then enjoy having the coolest notebooks in class!

IMG_8167 copy